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1. Are your products all new?

Yes, all of our products are brand new and unused unless clearly stated otherwise.

2. Are your products all authentic?

Absolutely, guaranteed. All of our products are sourced from suppliers with whom we have longstanding relationships, and who have impeccable reputations in the luxury fashion industry. All of the products we import are subject to Singapore customs inspection and receive import permits. We have never had even a single incident of a non-authentic product, and although it has never been necessary, we will refund the full purchase price of any item purchased from us that is proven to be non-authentic.

3. Why are your prices lower than full retail prices?

We obtain our merchandise at lower than full retail prices from our suppliers, who are large buyers of products from the various designer brands. Some of our items are recent past season, although we always carefully select timeless styles and colours. We also keep our business costs very low and the savings are passed on to you.

4. Are your prices negotiable?

No, our prices are fixed. We research constantly to ensure that our prices are the best in Singapore. Selected items are occasionally offered on sale for limited periods or while stocks last – please “Like” us on Facebook or sign up for our email mailing list to get notification of these special deals.

5. I've seen ads for items from luxury brands at 80% or even 90% off. Are your prices really competitive?

Well, all we can say is, buyer beware. The top luxury brands never sell their products at steep discount. In our experience such items (if they are authentic) are likely to be used or damaged, or the large discount advertised only applies to a few non-premium items. At Marca Stella we choose not to engage in such misleading marketing tactics - your long term goodwill is too important to us.

6. Do you take special orders?

Yes, if you are looking for a specific designer bag or other item, check with us. We'll let you know if we can obtain it, the price, and how soon it can be delivered.

7. I'm a tourist in Singapore. Can I get a GST refund?

We are currently exempt from charging GST, so all of our goods already have 0% GST and it is not necessary for you to apply for a refund.

8. How much is shipping and when can I expect my order?

Delivery within Singapore is free. For normal deliveries you can expect to receive your item the next working day. If urgent delivery is required, we will try our best to deliver the same day. Delivery for international orders of more than SGD1,000 is also free to eligible countries (please refer to "Delivery" page for current list) and includes insurance against loss or damage. Your home country may apply customs duties or local taxes; if so you will generally need to pay these before the courier company can make final delivery. We target to deliver international orders within 3 to 7 working days from payment confirmation. Please note that we do not ship Hermes items internationally.

9. Do you accept products for sale on consignment?

Yes, we selectively accept items for sale on consignment. Consignment items need to have their original sales documentation and/or pass a 3rd party authenticity check, which we can arrange. Please contact us for more details.

10. What is your return policy?

Please refer to our "Terms & Conditions" page which sets out our return policy.​​​​​​

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